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    Phriction - start the move towards transactions and an editor · a9fc343d
    Bob Trahan authored
    This implements as little as possible to stick a working transactions + editor codepath in the basic create / edit flow. Aside from the transaction tables, this also required adding a mailKey to a phrictionDocument.
    Future work would include adding more transactions types for things like "move" and all the pertinent support. Even future work is to add things like policies which will work easily in the transaction framework. Ref T4029.
    Test Plan:
     - made a wiki doc
     - edit a wiki doc
     - had someone subscribe to a wiki doc and edited it
    For all three, the edits worked, a reasonable email was sent out, and feed stories were generated.
     - made a wiki doc at a /location/like/this
    document "stubs" were made as expected in /location and /location/like
    Reviewers: epriestley
    Reviewed By: epriestley
    Subscribers: chad, Korvin, epriestley
    Maniphest Tasks: T4029
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D10756
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