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    Mostly modernize Conduit logs · c3b21849
    epriestley authored
      - Add GC support to conduit logs.
      - Add Query support to conduit logs.
      - Record the actual user PHID.
      - Show client name.
      - Support querying by specific method, so I can link to this from a setup issue.
    @wez, this migration may not be fast. It took about 8 seconds for me to migrate 800,000 rows in the `conduit_methodcalllog` table. This adds a GC which should keep the table at a more manageable size in the future.
    You can safely delete all data older than 30 days from this table, although you should do it by `id` instead of `dateCreated` since there's no key on `dateCreated` until this patch.
    Test Plan:
      - Ran GC.
      - Looked at log UI.
      - Ran Conduit methods.
    Reviewers: btrahan
    Reviewed By: btrahan
    CC: wez, aran
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D6332
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