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    Fix an issue where the last line of block-based diffs could be incorrectly hidden · ccf28a81
    epriestley authored
    Fixes T13468. See that task for discussion. The older source-rendering code mixes "line number" / "1-based" lists with "block number" / "0-based" lists and then has other bugs which cancel this out.
    For block-based diffs, build an explicit block-based mask with only block numbers. This sort of sidesteps the whole issue.
    Test Plan: Viewed the diff with the original reproduction case, plus various other block-based diffs, including one-block image diffs, in unified and side-by-side mode. Didn't spot any oddities.
    Maniphest Tasks: T13468
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D20959
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