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    When publishing a commit, copy "Related Tasks" from the associated revision (if one exists) · 4904d771
    epriestley authored
    Fixes T13463. Currently, if you use the web UI to set "Related Tasks" for a revision, the resulting commit does not link to the tasks.
    If you use "Ref ..." in the message instead, the resulting commit does link to the tasks.
    Broadly, this should all be cleaner (see T3577) but we can step toward better behavior by just copying these edges when commits are published.
    Test Plan:
      - Created a revision.
      - Used the web UI to edit "Related Tasks".
      - Landed the revision.
      - Saw the commit link to the tasks as though I'd used "Ref ..." in the message.
    Maniphest Tasks: T13463
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D20961
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