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In Maniphest tasks, only move old owner to CC if owner changed

Fixes T10426. When the owner of a task changes, we try to add the old owner to CC so they're kept in the loop.

Currently, we do this unconditionally. This can add the owner as a subscriber when someone didn't change anything, which is confusing.

Instead, only do this if the owner actually changed.

Test Plan:
  - With "A" as owner, edited task and saved.
    - Before patch, A was added as subscriber.
    - After patch, A not added.
  - With "A" as owner, changed owner to "B" and saved.
    - Both before and after patch, "A" is added as a subscriber.

Reviewers: chad

Reviewed By: chad

Maniphest Tasks: T10426

Differential Revision:
parent 2cdc40eb
......@@ -1033,16 +1033,22 @@ final class ManiphestTransactionEditor
case ManiphestTransaction::TYPE_OWNER:
// If this is a no-op update, don't expand it.
$old_value = $object->getOwnerPHID();
$new_value = $xaction->getNewValue();
if ($old_value === $new_value) {
// When a task is reassigned, move the old owner to the subscriber
// list so they're still in the loop.
$owner_phid = $object->getOwnerPHID();
if ($owner_phid) {
if ($old_value) {
$results[] = id(new ManiphestTransaction())
'+' => array($owner_phid => $owner_phid),
'+' => array($old_value => $old_value),
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