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Respect linebreaks in full HTML tables in Remarkup

Fixes T5427. See PHI1630. See also T13160 and D20568.

In the full HTML table syntax with "<table>", respect linebreaks as literals inside "<td>" cells.

Test Plan: Previewed some full-HTML tables with and without linebreaks, saw what seemed like sensible rendering behavior.

Maniphest Tasks: T5427

Differential Revision:
parent 9d1af762
......@@ -121,8 +121,19 @@ final class PhutilRemarkupTableBlockRule extends PhutilRemarkupBlockRule {
return $table->newRawString();
// Respect newlines in table cells as literal linebreaks.
$content = $cell->newRawContentString();
$content = $this->applyRules($content);
$content = trim($content, "\r\n");
$lines = phutil_split_lines($content, $retain_endings = false);
foreach ($lines as $key => $line) {
$lines[$key] = $this->applyRules($line);
$content = phutil_implode_html(
$cell_specs[] = array(
'type' => $cell->getTagName(),
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