Commit 4d1ed12a authored by epriestley's avatar epriestley
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Skip Conduit call log writes in read-only mode, allowing "" to run

Summary: Ref T10769. See PHI8. We have an unconditional logging write which we can skip in read-only mode.

Test Plan:
  - Put Phabricator in read-only mode with ``.
  - Called `` via web UI.
    - Before: write-on-read-only exception.
    - After: good result.

Reviewers: chad, amckinley

Reviewed By: chad

Maniphest Tasks: T10769

Differential Revision:
parent d1f144b2
......@@ -119,9 +119,11 @@ final class PhabricatorConduitAPIController
->setDuration(1000000 * ($time_end - $time_start));
$unguarded = AphrontWriteGuard::beginScopedUnguardedWrites();
if (!PhabricatorEnv::isReadOnly()) {
$unguarded = AphrontWriteGuard::beginScopedUnguardedWrites();
$response = id(new ConduitAPIResponse())
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