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Update "git rev-parse" invocation to work in Git 2.25.0

Fixes T13479. The behavior of "git rev-parse --show-toplevel" has changed in Git 2.25.0, and it now fails in bare repositories.

Instead, use "git rev-parse --git-dir" to sanity-check the working copy. This appears to have more stable behavior across Git versions, although it's a little more complicated for our purposes.

Test Plan:
  - Ran `bin/repository update ...` on an observed, bare repository.
  - ...on an observed, non-bare ("legacy") repository.
  - ...on a hosted, bare repository.

Maniphest Tasks: T13479

Differential Revision:
parent d0b01a41
......@@ -275,11 +275,39 @@ final class PhabricatorRepositoryPullEngine
private function executeGitUpdate() {
$repository = $this->getRepository();
// See T13479. We previously used "--show-toplevel", but this stopped
// working in Git 2.25.0 when run in a bare repository.
// NOTE: As of Git 2.21.1, "git rev-parse" can not parse "--" in its
// argument list, so we can not specify arguments unambiguously. Any
// version of Git which does not recognize the "--git-dir" flag will
// treat this as a request to parse the literal refname "--git-dir".
list($err, $stdout) = $repository->execLocalCommand(
'rev-parse --show-toplevel');
'rev-parse --git-dir');
$message = null;
$repository_root = null;
$path = $repository->getLocalPath();
if (!$err) {
$repository_root = Filesystem::resolvePath(
rtrim($stdout, "\n"),
// If we're in a bare Git repository, the "--git-dir" will be the
// root directory. If we're in a working copy, the "--git-dir" will
// be the ".git/" directory.
// Test if the result is the root directory. If it is, we're in good
// shape and appear to be inside a bare repository. If not, take the
// parent directory to get out of the ".git/" folder.
if (!Filesystem::pathsAreEquivalent($repository_root, $path)) {
$repository_root = dirname($repository_root);
$message = null;
if ($err) {
// Try to raise a more tailored error message in the more common case
// of the user creating an empty directory. (We could try to remove it,
......@@ -313,15 +341,14 @@ final class PhabricatorRepositoryPullEngine
} else {
$repo_path = rtrim($stdout, "\n");
if (empty($repo_path)) {
// This can mean one of two things: we're in a bare repository, or
// we're inside a git repository inside another git repository. Since
// the first is dramatically more likely now that we perform bare
// clones and I don't have a great way to test for the latter, assume
// we're OK.
} else if (!Filesystem::pathsAreEquivalent($repo_path, $path)) {
// Prior to Git 2.25.0, we used "--show-toplevel", which had a weird
// case here when the working copy was inside another working copy.
// The switch to "--git-dir" seems to have resolved this; we now seem
// to find the nearest git directory and thus the correct repository
// root.
if (!Filesystem::pathsAreEquivalent($repository_root, $path)) {
$err = true;
$message = pht(
'Expected to find a Git repository at "%s", but the actual Git '.
......@@ -329,7 +356,7 @@ final class PhabricatorRepositoryPullEngine
'misconfigured. This directory should be writable by the daemons '.
'and not inside another Git repository.',
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