Commit 96045ac4 authored by Ana Rute Mendes's avatar Ana Rute Mendes 🌈
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LOCAL: Maniphest: trigger Shipping Req. autofill

If a Shipping Request is edited and it has the asset id field
filled, trigger the method that will fetch the data from Snipe-IT
and fill the item details in the task.
parent d3859c16
......@@ -366,6 +366,7 @@ final class ManiphestTransactionEditor
array $xactions) {
$snipe_api = new SnipeItHelper();
$actor = $this->getActor();
$actor_phid = $actor->getPHID();
......@@ -396,7 +397,6 @@ final class ManiphestTransactionEditor
// CCU: create Item in the inventory system if it's a Purchase request and
// its status was changed to "to release"
if (!$this->getIsNewObject()) {
$snipe_api = new SnipeItHelper();
$asset_id = $snipe_api->createAssetItem($new_status, $object, $xactions);
......@@ -598,6 +598,15 @@ final class ManiphestTransactionEditor
// CCU: if it's a Shipping Request, check if it has an asset item
// in Snipe-IT and automatically fill in some fields.
if ($subtype == 'shipping') {
$transactions = $snipe_api->fetchAssetItem($object, $xactions);
foreach ($transactions as $transaction) {
$results[] = $transaction;
return $results;
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