Commit c05cb1ba authored by epriestley's avatar epriestley
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Make "Audit Requested" put commits into the "Needs Audit" state

Summary: Fixes T7504. I think that task legitimately describes a bug and that the current behavior is counterintuitive.

Test Plan: Manually added an auditor to a commit with none; saw it become "Audit Required" as an overall state.

Reviewers: chad

Reviewed By: chad

Maniphest Tasks: T7504

Differential Revision:
parent b471f6c0
......@@ -256,6 +256,7 @@ final class PhabricatorRepositoryCommit
foreach ($requests as $request) {
switch ($request->getAuditStatus()) {
case PhabricatorAuditStatusConstants::AUDIT_REQUIRED:
case PhabricatorAuditStatusConstants::AUDIT_REQUESTED:
$any_need = true;
case PhabricatorAuditStatusConstants::ACCEPTED:
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