Use a modified version of the Android build system soong

This is needed since soong prevents access to all but whitelisted
host applications. Mesa currently relies on applications from
the 'gettext' package, which is needs to be allowed access to.
Signed-off-by: Robert Foss's avatarRobert Foss <>
parent 9f6fbbab
......@@ -4,6 +4,13 @@
<remote name="korg" fetch="git://" />
<remote name="android_panfrost" fetch="" />
<!-- Replace soong with version that allows more external tools to be used -->
<remove-project path="build/soon" name="platform/build/soong" />
<project path="build/soong" name="soong" revision="android_panfrost" remote="android_panfrost" groups="pdk,tradefed" >
<linkfile src="root.bp" dest="Android.bp" />
<linkfile src="bootstrap.bash" dest="bootstrap.bash" />
<!-- Device Configs -->
<project path="device/freedesktop/rockpi" name="device_rockpi" revision="android-10.0.0_r6" remote="android_panfrost" groups="device,rockpi,pdk" />
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