Commit b9dc0bfa authored by Tomeu Vizoso's avatar Tomeu Vizoso

Add fdo_device

parent e17313f4
......@@ -12,8 +12,12 @@
<!-- Device Configs -->
<project path="device/freedesktop/fdo" name="fdo_device" revision="android-10.0.0_r6" remote="android_panfrost" groups="default" />
<!-- Remove this one below once we merge the generic_device stuff -->
<project path="device/freedesktop/rockpi" name="device_rockpi" revision="android-10.0.0_r6" remote="android_panfrost" groups="device,rockpi,pdk" />
<!-- Fresh Mesa driver with Panfost support -->
<remove-project path="external/mesa3d" name="platform/external/mesa3d" />
<project path="external/mesa3d" name="mesa" revision="android_panfrost" remote="android_panfrost" groups="default" />
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