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    board: ge: bx50v3, imx53ppd: use DM I2C · 158f11bc
    Bob Beckett authored
    Remove old (pre-DM) i2c setup code.
    Enable DM i2c.
    board: ge: convert vpd to use i2c eeprom
    Convert common code to use DM rtc.
    Convert the generic i2c PMIC init code to use the new da9063 driver.
    mx53ppd only:
    Enable MXC DM i2c driver.
    Define CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN so that DM is available in pre-reloc.
    Make GPIO banks available during preloc, since initialisation is done
    in board_early_init_f().
    Add gpio_request() calls to satisfy the DM_GPIO compatibility API.
    Remove unused power configuration.
    Note: this is a squash of a few commits due to dropping of i2c compat
    Signed-off-by: Bob Beckett's avatarRobert Beckett <bob.beckett@collabora.com>
    Signed-off-by: Ian Ray's avatarIan Ray <ian.ray@ge.com>
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