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    board: ge: bx50v3: Enable DM for PCI and ethernet · c31d3b66
    Denis Zalevskiy authored
    DM for PCI pulls DM for ethernet that also needs other changes described
    below to build u-boot and keep existing functionality - ability to update
    MAC addresses of FEC ethernet adapter and I210 adapter connected to the
    Marvell switch.
    - fec_mxc driver with DM needs PHYLIB;
    - configuration items are moved from ge_bx50v3.h to ge_bx50v3_defconfig;
    - FEC is marked as eth0 because it is always present, so indices changed:
      I210 are still probed in the same order;
    - board_eth_init() was used by legacy ethernet, setup for enet iomux and
      pcie is moved to the board_late_init();
    - pci_init() is called from the board_late_init() to initiate PCI bus
      probing, so I210 devices are propagated to the device tree;
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDenis Zalevskiy <denis.zalevskiy@ge.com>
    [Describe PHY reset in device tree]
    Signed-off-by: Ian Ray's avatarIan Ray <ian.ray@ge.com>
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