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    pmic: allow dump command for non contiguous register maps · e3cebd63
    Martin Fuzzey authored and Bob Beckett's avatar Bob Beckett committed
    Some PMICs (such as the DA9063) have non-contiguous register maps.
    Attempting to read the non implemented registers returns an error
    rather than a dummy value which causes 'pmic dump' to terminate
    Fix this by allowing the PMIC driver to return -ENODATA for such
    registers, which will then be displayed as '--' by pmic dump.
    Use a single error code rather than any error code so that
    we can distinguish between a hardware failure reading the PMIC
    and a non implemented register known to the driver.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Fuzzey <martin.fuzzey@flowbird.group>
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