Commit f8ea5c7b authored by David Howells's avatar David Howells Committed by Linus Torvalds
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afs: Fix afs_do_lookup() to call correct fetch-status op variant

Fix afs_do_lookup()'s fallback case for when FS.InlineBulkStatus isn't
supported by the server.

In the fallback, it calls FS.FetchStatus for the specific vnode it's
meant to be looking up.  Commit b6489a49 broke this by renaming one
of the two identically-named afs_fetch_status_operation descriptors to
something else so that one of them could be made non-static.  The site
that used the renamed one, however, wasn't renamed and didn't produce
any warning because the other was declared in a header.

Fix this by making afs_do_lookup() use the renamed variant.

Note that there are two variants of the success method because one is
called from ->lookup() where we may or may not have an inode, but can't
call iget until after we've talked to the server - whereas the other is
called from within iget where we have an inode, but it may or may not be

The latter variant expects there to be an inode, but because it's being
called from there former case, there might not be - resulting in an oops
like the following:

  BUG: kernel NULL pointer dereference, address: 00000000000000b0
  RIP: 0010:afs_fetch_status_success+0x27/0x7e
  Call Trace:

Fixes: b6489a49

 ("afs: Fix silly rename")
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Howells <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 4333a9b0
......@@ -845,7 +845,7 @@ static struct inode *afs_do_lookup(struct inode *dir, struct dentry *dentry,
* to FS.FetchStatus for op->file[1].
op->fetch_status.which = 1;
op->ops = &afs_fetch_status_operation;
op->ops = &afs_lookup_fetch_status_operation;
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