Commit b5817a4e authored by Dafna Hirschfeld's avatar Dafna Hirschfeld
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replace VpuHandle with struct CodecInst*

Signed-off-by: Dafna Hirschfeld's avatarDafna Hirschfeld <>
parent 3c4e4c1c
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ int32_t VPU_IsInit(uint32_t coreIdx)
return pc;
void VPU_ClearInterruptEx(VpuHandle handle, int32_t intrFlag)
void VPU_ClearInterruptEx(struct CodecInst* handle, int32_t intrFlag)
struct CodecInst *pCodecInst;
......@@ -1343,15 +1343,6 @@ struct CodecInst;
#define VPU_CONVERT_WTL_INDEX(_handle, _index) ((((struct CodecInst*)_handle)->CodecInfo->decInfo).numFbsForDecoding+_index)
#define VPU_HANDLE_TO_DECINFO(_handle) (&(((struct CodecInst*)_handle)->CodecInfo->decInfo))
#define VPU_HANDLE_TO_ENCINFO(_handle) (&(((struct CodecInst*)_handle)->CodecInfo->encInfo))
* @brief
This is a dedicated type for handle returned when a decoder instance or a encoder instance is
typedef struct CodecInst* VpuHandle;
* @brief
......@@ -3816,7 +3807,7 @@ int32_t VPU_IsInit(
* @return None
void VPU_ClearInterruptEx(
VpuHandle handle, /**< [Input] A decoder/encoder handle obtained from VPU_DecOpen()/VPU_EncOpen() */
struct CodecInst* handle, /**< [Input] A decoder/encoder handle obtained from VPU_DecOpen()/VPU_EncOpen() */
int32_t intrFlag /**< [Input] An interrupt flag to be cleared */
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