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    image: Expand kernel buffer size to 512MB · 1af4a350
    Julius Werner authored
    This patch expands the kernel buffer to 512MB (or to 128MB on arm32
    devices where that's the Linux ABI limit anyway, or to less on some
    older specialty platforms where it otherwise wouldn't fit). The kernel
    partition size on disk has traditionally only been 16MB, and we don't
    plan on changing that... however, on a recovery USB stick we can make
    the partition as large as we want, and we may need to do that if we want
    to add more stuff to the recovery initramfs. Unfortunately we'll be
    stuck with the exisiting limits on old platforms since recovery firmware
    is not updateable, but this CL is meant to ensure that we'll at least
    have lots of headroom to grow on future platforms.
    Some memory layouts had to be adjusted to fit the new buffer. Also
    document the individual arch-dependent constraints for placing various
    regions in the Kconfig help (some of these only apply to older Linux
    versions, but since we don't update our kernels it's better to mention
    everything that might apply... boards can still violate them after they
    made sure that they're unaffected).
    TEST=Booted Cheza (not feasible to test *every* platform, I've
    double-checked everything manually as best as I could).
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