Commit 046b78bd authored by Duncan Laurie's avatar Duncan Laurie Committed by chrome-bot
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mmc: Remove ERROR string from message

If an eMMC is listed as a possible boot device but is not present
(because another boot device type is) then it will fail to be
detected, which currently prints a string:
ERROR: Card did not respond to voltage select!

This ERROR part of the string makes automated tests that scan for
error messages in the firmware logs fail..

TEST=boot on eve w/o eMMC and check for this string in the log:
MMC did not respond to voltage select!

Change-Id: I726fb6d9284f78166fc2027f7e0d2ae6bfcb9c02
Signed-off-by: default avatarDuncan Laurie <>

Reviewed-by: default avatarFurquan Shaikh <>
parent f3bb31fe
......@@ -1087,7 +1087,7 @@ int mmc_setup_media(MmcCtrlr *ctrlr)
err = mmc_send_op_cond(media);
if (err && err != MMC_IN_PROGRESS) {
mmc_error("Card did not respond to voltage select!\n");
printf("MMC did not respond to voltage select!\n");
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