Commit 572057fb authored by Caveh Jalali's avatar Caveh Jalali Committed by chrome-bot
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depthcharge: sync up new PD_CONTROL subcommands.

this sync's a couple of new subcommands of EC_CMD_PD_CONTROL from the
EC tree to depthcharge.

TEST=it compiles (no functional change)


Change-Id: I06e7f77811b1c58654a1b76d135990b78971f3a9
Signed-off-by: default avatarCaveh Jalali <>

Reviewed-by: default avatarStefan Reinauer <>
parent 5ceb96b8
......@@ -3933,7 +3933,8 @@ enum ec_pd_control_cmd {
PD_SUSPEND = 0, /* Suspend the PD chip (EC: stop talking to PD) */
PD_RESUME, /* Resume the PD chip (EC: start talking to PD) */
PD_RESET, /* Force reset the PD chip */
PD_CONTROL_DISABLE /* Disable further calls to this command */
PD_CONTROL_DISABLE, /* Disable further calls to this command */
PD_CHIP_ON, /* Power on the PD chip */
struct __ec_align1 ec_params_pd_control {
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