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Update get-orig-source.sh to include Tamil fonts too

parent 5786ce86
#!/bin/sh -e
svn co https://github.com/google/fonts/trunk/ofl/karla debian/orig-source/karla.svn
cd debian/orig-source/karla.svn
svn co $REPOURL/$MAIN debian/orig-source/$MAIN.svn
cd debian/orig-source/$MAIN.svn
DATE=$(date -d "$(svn info --xml | grep -o '<date>.*</date>' | grep -o '[0-9TZ:.+-]*')" +%Y%m%d)
svn export . ../karla-${DATE}
svn export . ../$MAIN-${DATE}
cd -
EXTRAS="karlatamilinclined karlatamilupright"
for d in $EXTRAS
svn co $REPOURL/$d debian/orig-source/$d.svn
cd debian/orig-source/$d.svn
svn export . ../$MAIN-${DATE}/${d#$MAIN}
cd -
PACKAGE=$(dpkg-parsechangelog -S Source)
tar --owner=root --group=root --mode=a+rX -cJf ${PACKAGE}_${DATE}.orig.tar.xz -C debian/orig-source karla-${DATE}
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