Commit 936c129f authored by Torrie Fischer's avatar Torrie Fischer

dead code--

parent f1479cfe
......@@ -59,30 +59,6 @@ class TaskListStore(Gtk.TreeStore):
top.idle, top.fullName])
currentLevel = None
def _get_task_iter(self, task):
if task.idle:
return None
currentLevelIterator = self.get_iter_first()
parentIterator = None
parents = task.parents
print "New task", task.fullName, 'parents', map(lambda t: t.fullName, parents)
#print ': '.join(map(lambda t: t.key, parents))
while len(parents) > 0:
top = parents.pop()
while currentLevelIterator is not None:
#print "Looking for", top.fullName
if self.get_value(currentLevelIterator, 0) == top.key:
parentIterator = currentLevelIterator
currentLevelIterator = self.iter_children(currentLevelIterator)
currentLevelIterator = self.iter_next(currentLevelIterator)
if currentLevelIterator is None:
print "Adding", top.fullName, "to", parentIterator
parentIterator = self.append(parentIterator, [top.key,, not top.idle])
for child in task.children:
return parentIterator
def refresh(self):
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