Commit 8af5d311 authored by Frederic Danis's avatar Frederic Danis
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Remove dependencies to Aptitude

prepare-runtime specific code can be done in a pre_apt_script.
Signed-off-by: Frederic Danis's avatarFrédéric Danis <>
parent 427944a1
......@@ -69,17 +69,5 @@ install -d \
"$sysroot/var/lock" \
# We use aptitude to help prepare the Platform runtime, and
# it's a useful thing to have in the Sdk runtime
in_chroot apt-get -q -y --no-install-recommends install aptitude
# All packages will be removed from the platform runtime
# unless they are Essential, depended-on, or in the
# add_packages list.
in_chroot aptitude -y markauto '?installed'
# Ubuntu precise doesn't like apt being up for autoremoval.
in_chroot aptitude -y unmarkauto apt
# Required for openjdk-8-jre-headless
install -d "$sysroot/usr/share/man/man1"
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