kernel: samsung-chromebook-plus: add cros-usbpd-charger driver and presence tests.

Add a test case to check the cros-usbpd-charger and its device.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarEnric Balletbo i Serra <>
parent ed45c40a
......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ run:
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_device_present cros-ec-accel.0-device-present cros-ec-sensors cros-ec-accel.0
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_device_present cros-ec-accel.1-device-present cros-ec-sensors cros-ec-accel.1
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_device_present cros-ec-gyro.0-device-present cros-ec-sensors cros-ec-gyro.0
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_driver_present cros-usbpd-charger-driver-present cros-usbpd-charger
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_device_present cros-ec-accel.0-device-present cros-usbpd-charger
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_driver_present da7219-driver-present da7219
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_driver_present hid-generic hid-generic
- sh kernel/helpers/assert_driver_present panel-simple-driver-present panel-simple
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