Commit 0f9e3251 authored by Nicolai Hähnle's avatar Nicolai Hähnle
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ac/nir: clamp shadow texture comparison value on VI

Needed for TC-compatible HTILE in radeonsi for test cases like
piglit spec/arb_texture_rg/execution/fs-shadow2d-red-01.shader_test
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent ac2ab5ac
......@@ -4483,7 +4483,19 @@ static void visit_tex(struct ac_nir_context *ctx, nir_tex_instr *instr)
/* Pack depth comparison value */
if (instr->is_shadow && comparator) {
address[count++] = llvm_extract_elem(&ctx->ac, comparator, 0);
LLVMValueRef z = llvm_extract_elem(&ctx->ac, comparator, 0);
/* TC-compatible HTILE promotes Z16 and Z24 to Z32_FLOAT,
* so the depth comparison value isn't clamped for Z16 and
* Z24 anymore. Do it manually here.
* It's unnecessary if the original texture format was
* Z32_FLOAT, but we don't know that here.
if (ctx->abi->chip_class == VI)
z = ac_build_clamp(&ctx->ac, z);
address[count++] = z;
/* pack derivatives */
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