Commit 557de3b9 authored by Andres Rodriguez's avatar Andres Rodriguez Committed by Bas Nieuwenhuizen
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radeonsi: hardcode shader WAVE_LIMIT to the maximum value

This is part of a cooperative scheduling approach used by radv. All
drivers in the stack must opt-in to resource arbitration, otherwise GL
based apps will be able to ignore system priorities.

We always hardcode the field to its maximum value, instead of attempting
to calculate an approximate usage. In testing, there were no benefits to
using anything other than the maximum.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndres Rodriguez <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBas Nieuwenhuizen <>
parent 986c4b0b
......@@ -4994,11 +4994,15 @@ static void si_init_config(struct si_context *sctx)
if (sctx->b.chip_class >= CIK) {
if (sctx->b.chip_class >= GFX9) {
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B41C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_HS, S_00B41C_CU_EN(0xffff));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B41C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_HS,
S_00B41C_CU_EN(0xffff) | S_00B41C_WAVE_LIMIT(0x3F));
} else {
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B51C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_LS, S_00B51C_CU_EN(0xffff));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B41C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_HS, 0);
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B31C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_ES, S_00B31C_CU_EN(0xffff));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B51C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_LS,
S_00B51C_CU_EN(0xffff) | S_00B51C_WAVE_LIMIT(0x3F));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B41C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_HS,
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B31C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_ES,
S_00B31C_CU_EN(0xffff) | S_00B31C_WAVE_LIMIT(0x3F));
/* If this is 0, Bonaire can hang even if GS isn't being used.
* Other chips are unaffected. These are suboptimal values,
......@@ -5008,7 +5012,8 @@ static void si_init_config(struct si_context *sctx)
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B21C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_GS, S_00B21C_CU_EN(0xffff));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B21C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_GS,
S_00B21C_CU_EN(0xffff) | S_00B21C_WAVE_LIMIT(0x3F));
/* Compute LATE_ALLOC_VS.LIMIT. */
unsigned num_cu_per_sh = sscreen-> /
......@@ -5040,10 +5045,12 @@ static void si_init_config(struct si_context *sctx)
/* VS can't execute on one CU if the limit is > 2. */
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B118_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_VS,
S_00B118_CU_EN(late_alloc_limit > 2 ? 0xfffe : 0xffff));
S_00B118_CU_EN(late_alloc_limit > 2 ? 0xfffe : 0xffff) |
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B11C_SPI_SHADER_LATE_ALLOC_VS,
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B01C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_PS, S_00B01C_CU_EN(0xffff));
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_00B01C_SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC3_PS,
S_00B01C_CU_EN(0xffff) | S_00B01C_WAVE_LIMIT(0x3F));
if (sctx->b.chip_class >= VI) {
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