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    • Aman Gupta's avatar
      avcodec/cbs: ensure user_data is padded for GBC parsing · 8791a1e7
      Aman Gupta authored
      Fixes crash noticed in the cbs_userdata patchset.
      ====ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow on address 0x609000026c89 at pc 0x00010725d37b bp 0x7ffeea04e750 sp 0x7ffeea04e748
      READ of size 4 at 0x609000026c89 thread T0
          #0 0x10725d37a in ff_cbs_read_unsigned get_bits.h:274
          #1 0x1072d2767 in ff_cbs_read_a53_user_data cbs_misc_syntax_template.c:119
          #2 0x1078251a7 in h264_metadata_filter h264_metadata_bsf.c:595
          #3 0x105c1321d in output_packet ffmpeg.c:853
      0x609000026c89 is located 1 bytes to the right of 8-byte region [0x609000026c80,0x609000026c88)
      allocated by thread T0 here:
          #0 0x10aef08d7 in wrap_posix_memalign (libclang_rt.asan_osx_dynamic.dylib:x86_64h+0x578d7)
          #1 0x10aca95e6 in av_malloc mem.c:87
          #2 0x10ac545fe in av_buffer_allocz buffer.c:72
          #3 0x107263b27 in cbs_h264_read_nal_unit cbs_h264_syntax_template.c:722
          #4 0x10725b688 in cbs_read_fragment_content cbs.c:155
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAman Gupta <aman@tmm1.net>
      (cherry picked from commit 41ed2c38)
    • Aman Gupta's avatar
      avcodec/cbs: fix crash in sei_pic_timestamp · 70d0d83d
      Aman Gupta authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAman Gupta <aman@tmm1.net>
      (cherry picked from commit b6c3a027)
    • Aman Gupta's avatar
      avcodec/cbs_h264: silence errors about end_of_seq nalus · aec3daa8
      Aman Gupta authored
      [ffmpeg] AVBSFContext: Decomposition unimplemented for unit 4 (type 10).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAman Gupta <aman@tmm1.net>
      (cherry picked from commit 64c50c0e)
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    • Avi Halachmi (:avih)'s avatar
      configure: <fflib>_deps: validate, reduce sensitivity · 3fb09dba
      Avi Halachmi (:avih) authored
      - Allow to add deps in any order rather than "in linking order".
      - Expand deps chains as required rather than just once.
      - Validate that there are no cycles.
      - Validate that [after expansion] deps are limited to other fflibs.
      - Remove expectation for a specific output order of unique().
      Previously when adding items to <fflib>_deps, developers were
      required to add them in linking order. This can be awkward and
      bug-prone, especially when a list is not empty, e.g. when adding
      conditional deps.
      It also implicitly expected unique() to keep the last instance of
      recurring items such that these lists maintain their linking order
      after removing duplicate items.
      This patch mainly allows to add deps in any order by keeping just
      one master list in linking order, and then reordering all the
      <fflib>_deps lists to align with the master list order.
      This master list is LIBRARY_LIST itself, where otherwise its order
      doesn't matter.
      The patch also removes a limit where these deps lists were expanded
      only once. This could have resulted in incomplete expanded lists,
      or forcing devs to add already-deducable deps to avoid this issue.
      Note: it is possible to deduce the master list order automatically
      from the deps lists, but in this case it's probably not worth the
      added complexity, even if minor. Maintaining one list should be OK.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Niedermayer <michael@niedermayer.cc>
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