Commit 45df60cd authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'armsoc-fixes' of git://

Pull ARM SoC fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Here is a very small set of fixes for inclusion in linux-4.17-rc1: Two
  changes for the maintainer file, and one more fix for the newly added
  npcm platform, to enable the level 2 cache controller"

* tag 'armsoc-fixes' of git://
  MAINTAINERS: Update ASPEED entry with details
  MAINTAINERS: Migrate oxnas list to
  arm: npcm: enable L2 cache in NPCM7xx architecture
parents b82b6813 cb799267
......@@ -1232,10 +1232,15 @@ F: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/i2c/i2c-aspeed.txt
M: Joel Stanley <>
S: Maintained
R: Andrew Jeffery <>
L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
S: Supported
T: git git://
F: arch/arm/mach-aspeed/
F: arch/arm/boot/dts/aspeed-*
F: drivers/*/*aspeed*
N: aspeed
ARM/ATMEL AT91 Clock Support
M: Boris Brezillon <>
......@@ -1743,7 +1748,7 @@ F: arch/arm/mach-orion5x/ts78xx-*
ARM/OXNAS platform support
M: Neil Armstrong <>
L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
S: Maintained
F: arch/arm/mach-oxnas/
F: arch/arm/boot/dts/ox8*.dts*
......@@ -17,4 +17,6 @@ static const char *const npcm7xx_dt_match[] = {
.atag_offset = 0x100,
.dt_compat = npcm7xx_dt_match,
.l2c_aux_val = 0x0,
.l2c_aux_mask = ~0x0,
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