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    gst-libs/gst/audio/gstbaseaudiosink.*: Extract rate from the NEWSEGMENT event. · 1166abbc
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * gst-libs/gst/audio/gstbaseaudiosink.c:
    (gst_base_audio_sink_event), (gst_base_audio_sink_render):
    * gst-libs/gst/audio/gstbaseaudiosink.h:
    Extract rate from the NEWSEGMENT event.
    Use commit_full to also take rate adjustment into account when writing
    samples to the ringbuffer.
    * gst-libs/gst/audio/gstringbuffer.c:
    (gst_ring_buffer_commit_full), (gst_ring_buffer_commit),
    * gst-libs/gst/audio/gstringbuffer.h:
    Added _commit_full() to also take rate into account.
    Use simple interpolation algorithm to resample audio.
    API: gst_ring_buffer_commit_full()
    * tests/examples/seek/scrubby.c: (speed_cb), (do_seek):
    * tests/examples/seek/seek.c: (segment_done):
    Don't try to seek with 0.0 rate, just pause instead.
    Remove bogus debug line.
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