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    rtspconnection: also add Content-Type to HTTP POST request when tunnelling · 9e77d9ca
    Sebastian Cote authored
    When the GstRTSPConnection class sends a RTSP over HTTP tunnelling
    request, the HTTP Content-Type header is missing from the HTTP POST
    This isn't a problem with most servers, but there are servers that
    rejects the request without there also being a Content-Type header.
    RFC 1945:
    Any HTTP/1.0 message containing an entity body should include a
    Content-Type header field defining the media type of that body.
    Apple Dispatch 28:
    QuickTime Streaming uses the "application/x-rtsp-tunnelled" MIME
    type in both the Content-Type and Accept headers. This reflects
    the data type that is expected and delivered by the client and server.
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