Commit 06ea25ad authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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playsink: Don't send another step event to the audio-sink if we got step-done from there

Otherwise we would end up with a deadlock as the audio-sink emits step-done
from its streaming thread.
parent 88d8f81f
......@@ -4630,7 +4630,9 @@ gst_play_sink_handle_message (GstBin * bin, GstMessage * message)
if (format == GST_FORMAT_BUFFERS) {
/* for the buffer format, we align the other streams */
if (playsink->audiochain) {
if (playsink->audiochain
&& !gst_object_has_as_ancestor (GST_MESSAGE_SRC (message),
GST_OBJECT (playsink->audiochain->chain.bin))) {
GstEvent *event;
event =
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