Commit 0ac1596d authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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audiocdsrc: Update for TOC API changes

parent f7f2c13e
......@@ -1400,7 +1400,6 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_add_tags (GstAudioCdSrc * src)
static void
gst_audio_cd_src_add_toc (GstAudioCdSrc * src)
GQueue entries = G_QUEUE_INIT;
GstToc *toc;
gint i;
......@@ -1417,10 +1416,7 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_add_toc (GstAudioCdSrc * src)
/* keep uid in sync with toc select event handler below */
uid = g_strdup_printf ("audiocd-track-%03u", track->num);
entry = gst_toc_entry_new (GST_TOC_ENTRY_TYPE_TRACK, uid);
/* FIXME: why does it alloc an empty tag list? */
if (entry->tags != NULL)
gst_tag_list_free (entry->tags);
entry->tags = gst_tag_list_ref (track->tags);
gst_toc_entry_set_tags (entry, gst_tag_list_ref (track->tags));
gst_audio_cd_src_convert (src, sector_format, track->start,
GST_FORMAT_TIME, &start_time);
......@@ -1430,11 +1426,10 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_add_toc (GstAudioCdSrc * src)
track->num, GST_TIME_ARGS (start_time), GST_TIME_ARGS (stop_time));
gst_toc_entry_set_start_stop (entry, start_time, stop_time);
g_queue_push_tail (&entries, entry);
gst_toc_entry_set_start_stop_times (entry, start_time, stop_time);
gst_toc_append_entry (toc, entry);
g_free (uid);
toc->entries = entries.head;
/* If we're in continuous mode (stream = whole disc), send a TOC event
* downstream, so matroskamux etc. can write a TOC to indicate where the
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