try fix distcheck for FC3

Original commit message from CVS:
try fix distcheck for FC3
parent bfa6a398
...@@ -5,17 +5,17 @@ DIE=0 ...@@ -5,17 +5,17 @@ DIE=0
package=gst-plugins-base package=gst-plugins-base
srcfile=gst/sine/gstsinesrc.c srcfile=gst/sine/gstsinesrc.c
# a quick cvs co if necessary to alleviate the pain - may remove this # a quick cvs co to ease the transition
# when developers get a clue ;) if test ! -d common;
if test ! -d common; then
echo "+ getting common/ from cvs" echo "+ getting common/ from cvs"
cvs co common if test -e CVS/Tag
TAG="-r `tail -c +2 CVS/Tag`"
cvs co $TAG common
fi fi
# ensure that we have the dirs we put ext libs in to appease automake
mkdir -p gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/ffmpeg
# source helper functions # source helper functions
if test ! -f common/; if test ! -f common/;
then then
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