Commit 18c31247 authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef Committed by Wim Taymans

[MOVED FROM BAD 63/68] colorspace: set dithering enum directly

parent 18b56872
......@@ -557,11 +557,7 @@ gst_csp_transform (GstBaseTransform * btrans, GstBuffer * inbuf,
space->to_format == GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UNKNOWN))
goto unknown_format;
if (space->dither) {
colorspace_convert_set_dither (space->convert, 1);
} else {
colorspace_convert_set_dither (space->convert, 0);
colorspace_convert_set_dither (space->convert, space->dither);
colorspace_convert_convert (space->convert, GST_BUFFER_DATA (outbuf),
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