Commit 1b842833 authored by Stefan Sauer's avatar Stefan Sauer
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audioaggregator: remove buffer!=NULL check

Acording to the logic this cannot happen (we already check this before). So
add a assert like we do above and remove the check. This make it clearer that
we check for the offset range.
Also remove a dead assignment since we reassign this a few lines below.
parent f46d80f0
......@@ -1287,11 +1287,11 @@ gst_audio_aggregator_aggregate (GstAggregator * agg, gboolean timeout)
g_assert (pad->priv->buffer);
if (pad->priv->output_offset >= aagg->priv->offset
&& pad->priv->output_offset <
aagg->priv->offset + blocksize && pad->priv->buffer) {
gboolean drop_buf = FALSE;
&& pad->priv->output_offset < aagg->priv->offset + blocksize) {
gboolean drop_buf;
GST_LOG_OBJECT (aggpad, "Mixing buffer for current offset");
drop_buf = !gst_audio_aggregator_mix_buffer (aagg, pad, pad->priv->buffer,
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