Commit 2e7eddd3 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts
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oggmux: remove superfluous code

... since there is nothing in oggstream that cares (or even should)
about granulepos for what is being asked from it.
parent 836081ab
......@@ -841,11 +841,6 @@ gst_ogg_mux_queue_pads (GstOggMux * ogg_mux)
packet.packet = GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf);
packet.bytes = GST_BUFFER_SIZE (buf);
packet.granulepos = GST_BUFFER_OFFSET_END (buf);
packet.granulepos = 0;
/* if we're not yet in data mode, ensure we're setup on the first packet */
if (!pad->have_type) {
/* Use headers in caps, if any; this will allow us to be resilient
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