Commit 3a165c60 authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef
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gdppay: make newsegment buffer metadata writable

parent c40fdbf5
......@@ -475,6 +475,8 @@ gst_gdp_pay_reset_streamheader (GstGDPPay * this)
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (this, "Setting caps on src pad %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, caps);
gst_pad_set_caps (this->srcpad, caps);
gst_buffer_set_caps (this->caps_buf, caps);
this->new_segment_buf =
gst_buffer_make_metadata_writable (this->new_segment_buf);
gst_buffer_set_caps (this->new_segment_buf, caps);
/* if these are our first ever buffers, send out new_segment first */
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