Commit 3dad0493 authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost
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tests: remove superflous ';' and reindent

parent ecb16467
......@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_pb_utils_post_missing_messages)
bus = gst_element_get_bus (pipeline);
/* first, test common assertion failure cases */
ASSERT_CRITICAL (msg = gst_missing_uri_source_message_new (NULL, "http");
ASSERT_CRITICAL (msg = gst_missing_uri_source_message_new (NULL, "http"));
ASSERT_CRITICAL (gst_missing_uri_source_message_new (pipeline, NULL));
ASSERT_CRITICAL (gst_missing_uri_sink_message_new (NULL, "http"));
......@@ -555,11 +554,11 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_pb_utils_install_plugins)
ctx = gst_install_plugins_context_new ();
ASSERT_CRITICAL (ret = gst_install_plugins_sync (NULL, ctx););
ASSERT_CRITICAL (ret = gst_install_plugins_sync (NULL, ctx));
gst_install_plugins_async (NULL, ctx, result_cb, (gpointer) & marker););
gst_install_plugins_async (NULL, ctx, result_cb, (gpointer) & marker));
gst_install_plugins_async (details, ctx, NULL, (gpointer) & marker););
gst_install_plugins_async (details, ctx, NULL, (gpointer) & marker));
/* make sure the functions return the right error code if the helper does
* not exist */
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