Commit 519f85a4 authored by yanghuolin's avatar yanghuolin Committed by Wim Taymans
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alsasink: don't use 100% CPU

The root cause is that alsa-lib is not thread safe for the same handle.
There are two threads in the gstreamer accessing alsa-lib not serilized.
The race condition happens when one thread holds the old framebuffer app_ptr
position in the kernel, another thread advances the framebuffer app_ptr.
when the former thread is scheduled to run again, it overwrites the app_ptr
to old value by copying from kernel.Thus,the app_ptr in the upper
alsa-lib(pcm_rate) become one period size more advanced than the lower
alsa-lib(pcm_hw & kernel).

gstreamer uses noblock and poll method to communicate with the alsa-lib.
The app_ptr unsync situation as described above makes the poll return immediately because
it concludes there is enough space for the ring-buffer via the low-level alsa-lib.
The write function returns immediately because it concludes there is not enough
space for the ring-buffer from the upper-level alsa-lib. Then the loop of poll
and write runs again and again until another period size is available for
ring-buffer.This leads to the cpu 100 problem.

delay_lock  is used to avoid the race condition.


parent e47288f1
......@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@ gst_alsasink_finalise (GObject * object)
g_free (sink->device);
g_mutex_free (sink->alsa_lock);
g_mutex_free (sink->delay_lock);
g_static_mutex_lock (&output_mutex);
......@@ -288,6 +289,7 @@ gst_alsasink_init (GstAlsaSink * alsasink, GstAlsaSinkClass * g_class)
alsasink->handle = NULL;
alsasink->cached_caps = NULL;
alsasink->alsa_lock = g_mutex_new ();
alsasink->delay_lock = g_mutex_new ();
g_static_mutex_lock (&output_mutex);
if (output_ref == 0) {
......@@ -929,7 +931,9 @@ gst_alsasink_write (GstAudioSink * asink, gpointer data, guint length)
if (err < 0) {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (asink, "wait error, %d", err);
} else {
err = snd_pcm_writei (alsa->handle, ptr, cptr);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (asink, "written %d frames out of %d", err, cptr);
......@@ -966,7 +970,9 @@ gst_alsasink_delay (GstAudioSink * asink)
alsa = GST_ALSA_SINK (asink);
res = snd_pcm_delay (alsa->handle, &delay);
if (G_UNLIKELY (res < 0)) {
/* on errors, report 0 delay */
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (alsa, "snd_pcm_delay returned %d", res);
......@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@ typedef struct _GstAlsaSinkClass GstAlsaSinkClass;
#define GST_ALSA_SINK_LOCK(obj) (g_mutex_lock (GST_ALSA_SINK_GET_LOCK (obj)))
#define GST_ALSA_SINK_UNLOCK(obj) (g_mutex_unlock (GST_ALSA_SINK_GET_LOCK (obj)))
#define GST_DELAY_SINK_GET_LOCK(obj) (GST_ALSA_SINK_CAST (obj)->delay_lock)
#define GST_DELAY_SINK_LOCK(obj) (g_mutex_lock (GST_DELAY_SINK_GET_LOCK (obj)))
#define GST_DELAY_SINK_UNLOCK(obj) (g_mutex_unlock (GST_DELAY_SINK_GET_LOCK (obj)))
* GstAlsaSink:
......@@ -73,6 +77,7 @@ struct _GstAlsaSink {
GstCaps *cached_caps;
GMutex *alsa_lock;
GMutex *delay_lock;
struct _GstAlsaSinkClass {
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