Commit 53eb6a75 authored by Ravi Kiran K N's avatar Ravi Kiran K N Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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playback-test: avoid critical on exit

Only free vis_entries array when not null on exit.
parent e58ad7a2
......@@ -3385,7 +3385,8 @@ reset_app (PlaybackApp * app)
g_list_free (app->paths);
g_list_foreach (app->sub_paths, (GFunc) g_free, NULL);
g_list_free (app->sub_paths);
g_array_free (app->vis_entries, TRUE);
if (app->vis_entries)
g_array_free (app->vis_entries, TRUE);
g_print ("free pipeline\n");
gst_object_unref (app->pipeline);
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