Commit 6a4a82f3 authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle
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gst_audio_converter_new: update annotations
parent 9046e600
......@@ -1159,11 +1159,11 @@ converter_resample (GstAudioConverter * convert,
* gst_audio_converter_new: (skip)
* gst_audio_converter_new:
* @flags: extra #GstAudioConverterFlags
* @in_info: a source #GstAudioInfo
* @out_info: a destination #GstAudioInfo
* @config: (transfer full): a #GstStructure with configuration options
* @config: (transfer full) (nullable): a #GstStructure with configuration options
* Create a new #GstAudioConverter that is able to convert between @in and @out
* audio formats.
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