Commit 6b00467c authored by Iain Holmes's avatar Iain Holmes

Add a new riff id tag: dmlh

Original commit message from CVS:
Add a new riff id tag: dmlh
parent 3357631b
common @ 5b6a58f4
Subproject commit 2a013c06fe9bf1379966cd12e6bf8c30915c5f12
Subproject commit 5b6a58f419c3d6fdd4abbe9943cd17a4fd2addcc
......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ typedef enum {
#define GST_RIFF_TAG_vedt MAKE_FOUR_CC('v','e','d','t')
#define GST_RIFF_TAG_idx1 MAKE_FOUR_CC('i','d','x','1')
#define GST_RIFF_TAG_dmlh MAKE_FOUR_CC('d','m','l','h')
/* WAV stuff */
#define GST_RIFF_TAG_fmt MAKE_FOUR_CC('f','m','t',' ')
#define GST_RIFF_TAG_data MAKE_FOUR_CC('d','a','t','a')
......@@ -339,6 +340,10 @@ struct _gst_riff_index_entry {
guint32 size;
struct _gst_riff_dmlh {
guint32 totalframes;
typedef struct _gst_riff_riff gst_riff_riff;
typedef struct _gst_riff_list gst_riff_list;
typedef struct _gst_riff_chunk gst_riff_chunk;
......@@ -349,6 +354,7 @@ typedef struct _gst_riff_strh gst_riff_strh;
typedef struct _gst_riff_strf_vids gst_riff_strf_vids;
typedef struct _gst_riff_strf_auds gst_riff_strf_auds;
typedef struct _gst_riff_strf_iavs gst_riff_strf_iavs;
typedef struct _gst_riff_dmlh gst_riff_dmlh;
typedef struct _GstRiff GstRiff;
typedef struct _GstRiffChunk GstRiffChunk;
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