Commit 7651fa27 authored by René Stadler's avatar René Stadler
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audioconvert: fix leak of channel matrix

gst_channel_mix_unset_matrix relies on the channel count to free the matrix
array, so run it before resetting it to zero with gst_audio_info_init.
parent 94ce7531
......@@ -676,9 +676,9 @@ audio_convert_clean_context (AudioConvertCtx * ctx)
g_return_val_if_fail (ctx != NULL, FALSE);
gst_audio_quantize_free (ctx);
gst_channel_mix_unset_matrix (ctx);
gst_audio_info_init (&ctx->in);
gst_audio_info_init (&ctx->out);
gst_channel_mix_unset_matrix (ctx);
g_free (ctx->tmpbuf);
ctx->tmpbuf = NULL;
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