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decodebin2: declare decodebin2 stable, deprecate the old decodebin
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......@@ -26,6 +26,13 @@
* When using decodebin in your application, connect a signal handler to
* #GstDecodeBin::new-decoded-pad and connect your sinks from within the
* callback function.
* <note>
* This element is deprecated and no longer supported. You should use the
* #uridecodebin or #decodebin2 element instead (or, even better: #playbin2).
* </note>
* Deprecated: use uridecodebin or decodebin2 instead.
......@@ -24,12 +24,9 @@
* #GstBin that auto-magically constructs a decoding pipeline using available
* decoders and demuxers via auto-plugging.
* At this stage, decodebin2 is considered UNSTABLE. The API provided in the
* signals is expected to change in the near future.
* To try out decodebin2, you can set the USE_DECODEBIN2 environment
* variable (USE_DECODEBIN2=1 for example). This will cause playbin to use
* decodebin2 instead of the older #GstDecodeBin for its internal auto-plugging.
* decodebin2 is considered stable now and replaces the old #decodebin element.
* #uridecodebin uses decodebin2 internally and is often more convenient to
* use, as it creates a suitable source element as well.
/* Implementation notes:
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