Commit 8ff295a7 authored by Havard Graff's avatar Havard Graff Committed by Sebastian Dröge

audioresample: Make src query MT-safe

It is possible that the element might be going down while the event arrives
parent 06885211
......@@ -1264,8 +1264,12 @@ static gboolean
gst_audio_resample_query (GstPad * pad, GstQuery * query)
GstAudioResample *resample = GST_AUDIO_RESAMPLE (gst_pad_get_parent (pad));
GstBaseTransform *trans = GST_BASE_TRANSFORM (resample);
GstBaseTransform *trans;
gboolean res = TRUE;
if (G_UNLIKELY (resample == NULL))
return FALSE;
trans = GST_BASE_TRANSFORM (resample);
switch (GST_QUERY_TYPE (query)) {
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