Commit 98c93d67 authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost
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seek: use parser for mp3 and rename variable

parent 46562ff1
...@@ -638,29 +638,32 @@ static GstElement * ...@@ -638,29 +638,32 @@ static GstElement *
make_mp3_pipeline (const gchar * location) make_mp3_pipeline (const gchar * location)
{ {
GstElement *pipeline; GstElement *pipeline;
GstElement *src, *decoder, *osssink, *queue; GstElement *src, *parser, *decoder, *audiosink, *queue;
GstPad *seekable; GstPad *seekable;
pipeline = gst_pipeline_new ("app"); pipeline = gst_pipeline_new ("app");
src = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (SOURCE, "src"); src = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (SOURCE, "src");
parser = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mp3parse", "parse");
decoder = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mad", "dec"); decoder = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mad", "dec");
queue = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("queue", "queue"); queue = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("queue", "queue");
osssink = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (ASINK, "sink"); audiosink = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (ASINK, "sink");
seekable_elements = g_list_prepend (seekable_elements, osssink); seekable_elements = g_list_prepend (seekable_elements, audiosink);
g_object_set (G_OBJECT (src), "location", location, NULL); g_object_set (G_OBJECT (src), "location", location, NULL);
//g_object_set (G_OBJECT (osssink), "fragment", 0x00180008, NULL); //g_object_set (G_OBJECT (audiosink), "fragment", 0x00180008, NULL);
gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), src); gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), src);
gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), parser);
gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), decoder); gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), decoder);
gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), queue); gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), queue);
gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), osssink); gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), audiosink);
gst_element_link (src, decoder); gst_element_link (src, parser);
gst_element_link (parser, decoder);
gst_element_link (decoder, queue); gst_element_link (decoder, queue);
gst_element_link (queue, osssink); gst_element_link (queue, audiosink);
seekable = gst_element_get_static_pad (queue, "src"); seekable = gst_element_get_static_pad (queue, "src");
seekable_pads = g_list_prepend (seekable_pads, seekable); seekable_pads = g_list_prepend (seekable_pads, seekable);
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