Commit 9c9afee1 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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baseaudiosink: default to enable-last-buffer=FALSE for audio sinks

There isn't really any good reason to get the last buffer from an
audio sink, so don't make the sink keep it around unnecessarily.
parent dcd42227
......@@ -267,6 +267,7 @@ gst_base_audio_sink_init (GstBaseAudioSink * baseaudiosink,
GstBaseAudioSinkClass * g_class)
GstPluginFeature *feature;
GstBaseSink *basesink;
baseaudiosink->priv = GST_BASE_AUDIO_SINK_GET_PRIVATE (baseaudiosink);
......@@ -274,13 +275,16 @@ gst_base_audio_sink_init (GstBaseAudioSink * baseaudiosink,
baseaudiosink->latency_time = DEFAULT_LATENCY_TIME;
baseaudiosink->provide_clock = DEFAULT_PROVIDE_CLOCK;
baseaudiosink->priv->slave_method = DEFAULT_SLAVE_METHOD;
baseaudiosink->priv->drift_tolerance = DEFAULT_DRIFT_TOLERANCE;
baseaudiosink->provided_clock = gst_audio_clock_new ("GstAudioSinkClock",
(GstAudioClockGetTimeFunc) gst_base_audio_sink_get_time, baseaudiosink);
GST_BASE_SINK (baseaudiosink)->can_activate_push = TRUE;
GST_BASE_SINK (baseaudiosink)->can_activate_pull = DEFAULT_CAN_ACTIVATE_PULL;
baseaudiosink->priv->drift_tolerance = DEFAULT_DRIFT_TOLERANCE;
basesink = GST_BASE_SINK_CAST (baseaudiosink);
basesink->can_activate_push = TRUE;
basesink->can_activate_pull = DEFAULT_CAN_ACTIVATE_PULL;
gst_base_sink_set_last_buffer_enabled (basesink, FALSE);
/* install some custom pad_query functions */
gst_pad_set_query_function (GST_BASE_SINK_PAD (baseaudiosink),
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