Commit 9fa98345 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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playsink: Ghost the video sinkpad if a text sinkpad is available

Only don't ghost it if no visualizations are need and if
no text is needed and no textchain was created yet.

Fixes bug #610379.
parent d65e1828
......@@ -1876,8 +1876,7 @@ gst_play_sink_reconfigure (GstPlaySink * playsink)
add_chain (GST_PLAY_CHAIN (playsink->videochain), TRUE);
activate_chain (GST_PLAY_CHAIN (playsink->videochain), TRUE);
/* if we are not part of vis or subtitles, set the ghostpad target */
if (!need_vis && !need_text && !playsink->text_pad
&& !playsink->textchain) {
if (!need_vis && !need_text && !playsink->textchain) {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (playsink, "ghosting video sinkpad");
gst_ghost_pad_set_target (GST_GHOST_PAD_CAST (playsink->video_pad),
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