Commit a1538045 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

tools: gst-play: add 'n' and 'b' as additional shortcuts for next/previous item

< and > are composed with shift + something else on many keyboards
layouts, so don't work well when injecting them via windowing systems
which will send them as shift key press and separate other key, and
we the don't combine that to < or > properly. n/b are easier.
parent 16e53def
......@@ -68,12 +68,15 @@ Switch subtitle track
.B v
Switch video track
.TP 8
.B >
.B > or n
Skip to next item in playlist
.TP 8
.B <
.B < or b
Go back to previous item in playlist
.TP 8
.B 0
Seek back to beginning of current track
.TP 8
......@@ -988,8 +988,8 @@ print_keyboard_help (void)
N_("space"), N_("pause/unpause")}, {
N_("q or ESC"), N_("quit")}, {
">", N_("play next")}, {
"<", N_("play previous")}, {
N_("> or n"), N_("play next")}, {
N_("< or b"), N_("play previous")}, {
"\342\206\222", N_("seek forward")}, {
"\342\206\220", N_("seek backward")}, {
"\342\206\221", N_("volume up")}, {
......@@ -1043,12 +1043,14 @@ keyboard_cb (const gchar * key_input, gpointer user_data)
case 'Q':
g_main_loop_quit (play->loop);
case 'n':
case '>':
if (!play_next (play)) {
g_print ("\n%s\n", _("Reached end of play list."));
g_main_loop_quit (play->loop);
case 'b':
case '<':
play_prev (play);
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