Commit a156fe4a authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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videoscale: fix RGB15 masks

parent 85c572a5
......@@ -1191,8 +1191,8 @@ vs_image_scale_4tap_RGB565 (const VSImage * dest, const VSImage * src,
/* note that src and dest are uint16_t, and thus endian dependent */
#define RGB555_R(x) (((x)&0x7c00)>>8 | ((x)&0x7c00)>>13)
#define RGB555_G(x) (((x)&0x03e0)>>3 | ((x)&0x03e0)>>9)
#define RGB555_R(x) (((x)&0x7c00)>>7 | ((x)&0x7c00)>>12)
#define RGB555_G(x) (((x)&0x03e0)>>2 | ((x)&0x03e0)>>7)
#define RGB555_B(x) (((x)&0x001f)<<3 | ((x)&0x001f)>>2)
#define RGB555(r,g,b) \
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